Where are all the INDEPENDENT women at?!

Ok ya’ll, this about about to be a straight up VENT SESH!! So, I am just forewarning you ūüôā

So I have this friend. ¬†She is actually one of my closest friends but she is so frustrating to be around sometimes. ¬†She is the type of person that can NOT function if she doesn’t have a man. ¬†Her world just completely stops and she would rather be dead than be single. ¬†She will refuse to hang out with me and my boyfriend, let alone doesn’t want to go to group events if she doesn’t have a date. ¬†What also makes it worse is her ex boyfriend is mutual friends of EVERYONE and he has moved on and has a new g/f so she hates him even more.

I am the type of friend where I don’t tell you what you want to hear! ¬†I tell you what you need to hear because that is what I EXPECT from a friend. ¬†So time and time again, I have told her that she doesn’t need someone around to have a good time and to enjoy being single! ¬†Trust me, I love Mike so much but he gets on my nerves so much that sometimes I wish I was single lol.

Well, praise the lord, she has finally found someone and they have been dating for a few weeks. Naturally, I thought to myself “ok, PERFECT! ¬†She has a new man so she will want to come out and not be a negative nancy the entire time”. ¬†So yesterday we went to ShamrockFest in the DC area. ¬†We pre-gamed at our mutual friends apartment in the city first and as soon as she walked in the door she was in a salty mood. ¬†Why? ¬†Bc her boy toy decided not to come because he had run a 5K earlier that morning and could barely walk. Naturally, she cursed him to hell! ¬†God forbid he do something with his own friends lol. ¬†So she walked in and wouldn’t talk to anyone and bitched every 5 minutes that she is so pissed that he couldn’t come. ¬†ALL DAY (and I am not exaggerating), she stayed on her phone and bitched and moaned about how she was having a horrible time because he wasnt there. ¬†

So towards the end of the day/early evening, we finally say ENOUGH and rolled out. ¬†She was now pissed at Mike and I because we didn’t want to go out with her and her boy toy (I have never met him). ¬†First of all, we live 25 minutes away in Bowie, MD and we had drove there. ¬†We didn’t want to stay and keep drinking and risk getting a DUI. ¬†Secondly we have a dog at home who is a fucking diva and will not hesitate to shit all up in her crate because we left her alone for hours. ¬†

Moral of this long story is, learn how to do shit on your own. Be fucking independent, dude! You can have a relationship and still be your own independent person and do things with your friends or by yourself. ¬†You don’t have to be such a sour-fucking-puss because your away from your boy-toy for a few hours. ¬† ¬†I don’t take Mike everywhere and I certainly don’t let him stop me from spending time with my friends and vice versa. ¬†If he doesn’t want to do something then fine–PEACE! ¬†I will still go and do it. ¬†

And on that note, I am annoyed all over again!  lol.




One of those days…

Today was just one of those days where I just felt so down and out. ¬†A few years ago I was very active and an avid dancer. ¬†I used to cheer for a few teams one being the Baltimore Blast. ¬†I was so in shape, thin and very confident with myself and my body….



Well, fast forward 4 or 5 years and I have definitely gained some weight. ¬†About 40lbs to be exact lol. ¬†Now, I am only about 5’0 so my average weight should be about 110. ¬†Well I was always around 130 when I was cheering because a lot of it was muscle. ¬†Add 45 lbs onto that and you can imagine what I look like now. ¬†If you can’t here is a picture so you get an idea.



As you can see, I do not think I am “fat” per say, as I do think I handle my weight somewhat well, but I am out of shape. ¬†On top of that, in November Mike (my boyfriend), brought up that I have let myself go and while he still thinks I am beautiful/gorgeous, my weight is making him a tad bit less attracted to me. ¬†Now, I was pissed!!! ¬†We argued about it because I just felt like I was the same person he met a year later AND the same size. ¬†You didn’t have a fucking problem then, right? lol. ¬†Well from that day on a made a promise to myself that I will get it together and lose the weight…FOR ME! ¬†That was November and its now March and while I was doing good for awhile I just hit a brick wall where I wasn’t losing anything. ¬†Recently I ordered some cardio videos and I am working out EVERYDAY, watching what I eat but its still so frustrating because I have gained lbs, but lost inches. ¬†WTH?!?! ¬†My father told me yesterday that I looked like I lost weight, but I am not seeing it.

I know I have to keep pushing myself, but sometimes, I wish Mike would take the time to motivate me and compliment me here and there. ¬†When you feel like no one notices then you become so frustrated and down on yourself. Like I said, it’s been one of THOSE DAYS where I just feel so ugly, unattractive and defeated. ¬†I really hope days like these just push me a little harder :-/

We are going to the Outer Banks for Memorial Day Weekend so my goal is to look somewhat bathing suit ready by then so I have less than two months. ¬†Wish me luck…


Leopard Lover :-)


So, as per usual, every two weeks I go and get my nails done. According to Mia, the “vibrant” lady that does my nails, I am a bit boring (I was mentally giving her the middle finger at that moment, btw) so I told her I love leopard and if she coil incorporate that into a design then I would try it. Turns out I really love it. It’s different but cute. I’m glad I took a risk. What do ya think?

PS – please ignore the super chunky fingers…



As you continue to read my blog (or at least I hope you do), you will realize I have an insatiable love for food and drinks!!  I love to cook and experiment with new recipes.  So from time to time, I will post some recipes that I have attempted on here!

Tonights Recipe of Choice: Spice-Sweet Glazed Salmon.


I found this recipe by just doing a google search for Salmon and it was AMAZE-BALLS!! ¬†I love a good salmon and this recipe hit the spot for myself and Mike. ¬†The glaze is a perfect miz of sweet and spicy. ¬†I had to broil the salmon a little longer than the recipe stated, but to each their own! ¬†Anyway, it was a quick recipe and perfect for someone who wants to cook a quick meal during the work week (like I know anything about working–I am currently unemployed, but I won’t delve into that tonight lol). ¬†Enjoy!

Spicy-Sweet Glazed Salmon


Italy…Here We Come!!!



I was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. ¬†I have NEVER lived more than 45 minutes away from my family who currently reside in my hometown of Bowie, MD. ¬†So imagine my surprise when my boyfriend who is in the Air Force told me that he was being assigned overseas to Italy for 3 years and he wanted me to come…. ¬†Before I go into my thoughts with this overwhelming bit of news, let me give you some history on us ‚̧



I met my boyfriend, Mike in September of 2011 at a bar in Downtown DC.  He had just moved here from Nebraska where he was previously stationed.  Long story short, we met, had our first date a few days later, had sex on our first date and have been together ever since.  And for the record, let me just say I am not ashamed of hooking up on the first date lol.  I am not one of those clingy bitches, so it was never awkward after that lol.  Take note clingy bitches!!!  Anyway, 6 months later in late March he was deployed to Saudi Arabia for 6 months and returned in September of 2012.  We decided to move in together right before he was deployed, so we were already taking a big risk as we had only been together for 6 months before he was deployed.  We moved in together and have been living in sin since.

4 weeks after returning home from deployment he found out that he was being assigned to a base in Italy and DUH, I am going. ¬†First let me say, I am very confident in my relationship and I am sure we could survive 3 years long distance, but who the hell would want to do that. ¬†Its expensive, tiring and personally I didn’t want to deal with it. ¬†Again, I found all of this out 4 weeks after he returned in September and we were told that we had to move by June 2013. ¬†I thought we had plenty of time to prepare ourselves and what not for the move. ¬†Guess what?! ¬†I was wrong. ¬†It is now damn near the middle of March and we move in 2-3 months and my mind is just racing because I am scared, overwhelmed, excited and nervous all together.

1) We are NOT married. ¬†I am giving up a lot to relocate to another country with my BOYFRIEND with no benefits what so ever. ¬†Talk all the shit you want, but I am 500% in love with my boyfriend and I don’t need to pressure him to marry me just because we are moving to another county. ¬†So let’s get that out the way now….

2) My family.  I am beyond close to my family and the thought of being away from them for 3 years is freaking me out, but I guess it is time to cut the umbilical cord, eh??

3) It’s a WHOLE NEW COUNTRY! I have never lived out the state of MD/DC. ¬†How the fuck am I supposed to survive in a whole different countries where some homes don’t even have dishwashers, bathtubs or closets!!! ¬†You read correctly…NO CLOSETS!! ¬†I have over 150 pairs of shoes….That shit just isn’t going to fly.

At the end of the day, I am extremely excited. ¬†I am going to be doing what tons of people dream to do and more importantly with the person I love and PLAN to marry one day. ¬†I have never questioned my decision to move with him, but that doesn’t mean I can’t vent about my nervousness and fears right…. lol. ¬†Ugh wish me luck in the next few weeks!!!