Zagreb, Croatia for NYE? Eh, why not! :-)

For NYE 2014, Mike and I decided to venture out to Zagreb, Croatia!  It was about 3.5 hours away from where we live in Italy.  Overall, it was a fun experience, but it definitely wasn’t one of my favorite cities so we probably won’t make that trip back.

The city is the capital of Croatia and it is absolutely beautiful!  I didn’t expect it to be as cold as it was with so much snow or ice on the ground, but being that we never see snow or ice in Italy, I was NOT complaining.  They even have this museum called the Museum of Broken Relationships which is supposed to be kind of funny/depressing all in one.  I was dying to go check it out but the day we had free it was CLOSED!

I can do without the food in Zagreb, to be honest with you.  We went to one of the most top rated restaurants and I had overcooked duck and Mike had lamb that seemed to never hit the damn stove lol.  But we ate at a place called Rocket Burger and its a hole in the wall burger joint with 3-4 selection but my goodness that shit was ON POINT!  That place would be the only reason I went back to ZaGreb lol.

All in all, regardless of what we liked and didn’t like, I am just happy to see another year with the love of my life so I couldn’t ask for much more.  Oh and Ohio state Football is headed to the nationals.  With a 6 hour time difference we stayed up until after 6am to watch the game and thank goodness we did because it was a good one. Side note: Mike is from Ohio and is the BIGGEST Ohio State fan so no matter where we are, he puts everything on hold for his Buckeyes!!

Happy Fucking New Year!!!! 🙂

Pics of Zagreb to follow in my next post!