Where are all the INDEPENDENT women at?!

Ok ya’ll, this about about to be a straight up VENT SESH!! So, I am just forewarning you 🙂

So I have this friend.  She is actually one of my closest friends but she is so frustrating to be around sometimes.  She is the type of person that can NOT function if she doesn’t have a man.  Her world just completely stops and she would rather be dead than be single.  She will refuse to hang out with me and my boyfriend, let alone doesn’t want to go to group events if she doesn’t have a date.  What also makes it worse is her ex boyfriend is mutual friends of EVERYONE and he has moved on and has a new g/f so she hates him even more.

I am the type of friend where I don’t tell you what you want to hear!  I tell you what you need to hear because that is what I EXPECT from a friend.  So time and time again, I have told her that she doesn’t need someone around to have a good time and to enjoy being single!  Trust me, I love Mike so much but he gets on my nerves so much that sometimes I wish I was single lol.

Well, praise the lord, she has finally found someone and they have been dating for a few weeks. Naturally, I thought to myself “ok, PERFECT!  She has a new man so she will want to come out and not be a negative nancy the entire time”.  So yesterday we went to ShamrockFest in the DC area.  We pre-gamed at our mutual friends apartment in the city first and as soon as she walked in the door she was in a salty mood.  Why?  Bc her boy toy decided not to come because he had run a 5K earlier that morning and could barely walk. Naturally, she cursed him to hell!  God forbid he do something with his own friends lol.  So she walked in and wouldn’t talk to anyone and bitched every 5 minutes that she is so pissed that he couldn’t come.  ALL DAY (and I am not exaggerating), she stayed on her phone and bitched and moaned about how she was having a horrible time because he wasnt there.  

So towards the end of the day/early evening, we finally say ENOUGH and rolled out.  She was now pissed at Mike and I because we didn’t want to go out with her and her boy toy (I have never met him).  First of all, we live 25 minutes away in Bowie, MD and we had drove there.  We didn’t want to stay and keep drinking and risk getting a DUI.  Secondly we have a dog at home who is a fucking diva and will not hesitate to shit all up in her crate because we left her alone for hours.  

Moral of this long story is, learn how to do shit on your own. Be fucking independent, dude! You can have a relationship and still be your own independent person and do things with your friends or by yourself.  You don’t have to be such a sour-fucking-puss because your away from your boy-toy for a few hours.    I don’t take Mike everywhere and I certainly don’t let him stop me from spending time with my friends and vice versa.  If he doesn’t want to do something then fine–PEACE!  I will still go and do it.  

And on that note, I am annoyed all over again!  lol.




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