Have I said how much I love FOOD?!

So as I have probably mentioned in all my other posts I love food! I enjoy cooking food and eating it, even more!!

So I think it’s only fitting to rave about the food I had for lunch today!

Let me preface this post by saying while Italy has tons of amazing restaurants, we live in an area that caters to Americans since there’s a military base right there! So most of the food is touristy and in my opinion not truly authentic!

However today, I was craving a good pasta! So I had plans to meet with my girlfriend for lunch and we agreed to one of the most touristy restaurants in Aviano! I couldn’t decide what I wanted and then she suggested the CRAB GNOCCHI!!!

We are both from Maryland so YOU KNOW we love anything crab! If you still don’t get the crab/MD reference you must be living life under a rock lol.

Well, I was hesitant considering how touristy the restaurant is but god damn that shit was AMAZING!!! I can not rave enough about it! While it may not look appealing, it really is! There was so much jumbo lump crab in it and the sauce was so rich and creamy while not being over heavy! It was almost better than an orgasm…ALMOST and for that it deserved a post:)

If your ever in the Aviano area by all means go to The Spaghetti House and ask for the crab gnocchi! You won’t be disappointed!

Any that my friends was my foodie post of the day! Lol




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