Let’s talk about Italia!

I am going to take this post as a good time to vent about a little country I call Italy!  First let me start by saying this:  Italy is a BEAUTIFUL country!  We live up north by the mountains and I will never tire of the amazing sites I can see right outside of my house. Oh and the food…lawd Jesus the food is AMAZING!!  America could learn a thing or two about how to cook authentic Italian food.  It’s not heavy like American-Italian food.  Although if I am being honest I would have to say I do crave a piece of Papa John’s with garlic sauce here and there lol.  Don’t judge!  But my favorite thing here?!  I can drink a “spritz” or a glass of wine at 11:00am and not feel like an alcoholic!  Apparently, it’s the norm here and I really appreciate that!!!

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With that being said, however, there are quite a few things that completely frustrate me about Italy and really make me appreciate the good ole US of A!  For starters, NOTHING stays open past 8 or 9pm.  Not a gas station, not a grocery story, not even a fucking porter potty!!  Nothing…Nada…Zip….Zilch!  I am so used to the convenience of if I forgot some tomatoes or milk, I could run to the grocery store, 7-11, that local convenience store on the corner, whatever!!  That is just impossible here even on base.  Another issue I have (and yes it is a selfish one but SO WHAT!), is I can’t run any of my appliances at the same freaking time!  Let me break it down for ya!  I can run the washer, but can’t run the dryer at the same time.  I can run the oven, but can run the dishwasher at the time.  Do you know how long it takes to do a fucking load of laundry???  Well, to be honest I don’t either bc the fiance does all of the laundry but I am sure he can’t be too happy with having to deal with that! I’m just saying!

Work is also a big issue here.  In Italy, Americans can not work on the Italian economy.  The only jobs available for us are the jobs on base.  Well that would be fine if they didn’t give all the jobs on base to the Italians!  WTF!  I got lucky and was able to find a job within my first few months here but I feel bad for a lot of my friends who like me, are NOT stay at home moms/wives and want to work but can’t.

Of all these things that I have complained about to far can you believe not one of them is my biggest pet peeve with Italy?!  My biggest pet peeve here has to be the lack of respect and common courtesy from some Italians!  I am sorry, but some Italians are fucking rude!  If I accidentally run over someones foot with my shopping cart my natural reaction is to stop and apologize.  Oh not here in Italy!!!  They just keep on going…like nothing happened.  Some Italians walk right in front of you when your in line, it is just so incredible frustrating.  And I swear I do NOT think they have seen many black folks in their lives.  Especially black folks that are engaged to Caucasian individuals lol.  I can only shake my head at that and remember that there is a different type of culture here versus the US!

But even with all of these pet peeves and gripes, I am 100% grateful to have the opportunity to live in Europe.  I will get to see things and places that some people never will in a lifetime!  And so far I have made some great friends—American AND Italian!

We are here until 2016, so here is to hoping my feet will survive the massive run of shopping carts until then…. ;-/


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